4 Tips For Cleaning Upholstered Chairs And Sofas

4 Tips For Cleaning Upholstered Chairs And Sofas

Upholstered chairs and sofas are both functional and decorative. Whist these furniture pieces are intended to be part of interior decorative schemes, their main role is to provide comfortable seating. Regular utilization, however, results in considerable tear and wear. They also get really grimy and hence need to be professionally cleaned time and again. Regrettably, some homeowners don’t how to clean the upholstery of their chairs and sofas. These kinds of furniture pieces require to be cleaned with the right upholstery cleaners, using the correct approach. Here are some handy tricks and tips for upholstered furniture cleaning.

Start by testing your selected upholstery detergents

Regardless of your selected cleaning method, it is recommended that you test the cleaners and detergents on a small not easily seen area first. Simply put, you should never try a new detergent or cleaner in an easy to notice spot in case it isn’t compatible with your particular material.

Combine your cleaner with a commercial or natural deodorizer to deal with odours

natural deodorizer

While a majority of upholstery detergents are effective at getting rid of stains, germs and dust, they are not so great when it comes to removing deeply embedded smells from the furniture. A simple approach to freshen up your pieces is to sprinkle them with baking soda prior to going to bed. In the morning, simply use a soft brush to vacuum up the powder. Baking powder is perfect at absorbing nasty smells, and hence can be utilized throughout the home to reduce odours. It is also important to air your upholstered sofas and chairs every so often by opening your doors and windows on a breezy day, or using a freestanding or ceiling fan if available.

Use the right cleaning products to clean your upholstered sofas and chairs

It is recommended to use only the recommended specialist cleaning products to clean your upholstered furniture pieces. If these are not available, then simply mix a very mild clothes detergent, (those that are designed for hand or delicates washing), with a small amount of water and then spot clean using a microfiber cloth. Saddle soaps also could be utilized as they contain waxes and oils that not only clean the surfaces, but also that add moisture to the material being cleaned. This helps to maintain shine and health without the risk of oversaturation from water.

Keep it simple

Before cleaning any kind of an upholstered fabric, note that different fabrics react to cleaning detergents differently. As such, you do not want to accidentally fade or damage your fabric. So applying unknown cleaning solutions is a no go zone. In most cases, a simple dab of water will do the trick. If you can, try to keep your fabric chairs and sofas clean by regularly vacuuming them. And while at it, make certain to instantly treat the stains. The stains should be blotted to avoid making them worse. Last but not the least, when spot cleaning any types of upholstered furniture, it is advisable to use specialist cleaners that are appropriate for your particular kind of fabrics.

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