5 Carpet Cleaning Techniques Useful For The Onset Of Spring

5 Carpet Cleaning Techniques Useful For The Onset Of Spring

After winter, the house almost needs a complete make-over; that is if you never put in much care in keeping the house in shape during the cold season. You will most likely find yourself armed with brooms, sponges, detergents and scouring pads, ready to clean up and clean out, in anticipation of a great summer ahead. I am sure you will want the house as glittering as the queen’s palace, but you must deal with the mess on the carpet caused last winter.

Before calling in the carpet cleaners, here are 5 ways to clean and beautify your carpet without using toxic chemicals on your precious carpet.

Using the iron box

iron box

After you have iron your shirts, do not keep the iron box far away. It might prove useful. You will need to first vacuum the carpet to rid of any tiny particles left lying around. Dampen the spot you are about to work on using a soft towel soaked in a solution made of vinegar (1-part) and water (3-parts). Place the towel over the stain and as you iron over the towel, watch most of the stain being soaked into the towel.

Baking soda and oil

For a fresh and scented smell to your carpet, take 12 drops of your favorite oil and mix it up with around 16-ounces of baking soda. After mixing the contents well, place it in a glass container and shake well. Whenever you want to perfume the carpet, spread the content on the carpet, wait for around 5 minutes and vacuum.

Homemade carpet cleaner

For a deep cleaner solution that will get rid of dust mites and other infectious parasites, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide (3/4 cup), a quarter cup of vinegar, 2 spoons of dish soap, 5 drops of oil, fabric softener and a gallon of very hot water. Using this is the same as using those expensive chemicals in the market.

For the shag carpet

The shag rags and carpets are coming back to the market. Unfortunately, today’s vacuum cleaners are giving off too much suction on the outlet, which affects the texture of the shag carpet. If you notice this kind of behavior, or any kind of shedding, just remove the outlet and vacuum the carpet using the hose attachment only. You will have some more work to do, but you will sustain the strength of the carpet.

Carpet denting restoration

We all have a section on the carpet that has undergone intense pressure caused by furniture placed over the area. To restore the carpets original look, take some ice cubes and allow them to melt over the dented area. After this, use a soft towel and soak in all the moisture that is lying around excessively. Make sure you do not press hard. Lay this towel over the area once more and iron gently until the area is almost dry. Now allow it to air-dry and afterwards, just fluff the spot back up. Works like magic!

This spring should not end with your carpet looking rundown. Take these tips and give your precious carpet a touch that will awe your visitors!

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