How To Handle Bad Odor Coming From Your Carpets

How To Handle Bad Odor Coming From Your Carpets

Everybody usually wants their house to smell nice. However, there are many times when you may try your best, but not be able to do this. This is particularly so if you can’t identify the origin of the bad odor. If you happen to have a carpet, you should keep in mind that it could be the reason why a room smells musty or stale. Carpet fibers tend to trap dirt and other particles that give off bad odors. With time, the quantity of such particles tends to increase, leading to a progressively irritating problem. If you find yourself in such a scenario, there are a number of things you can do to remedy it including:

Don’t mask it

Most people try to get rid of the carpet smell by masking it with fresheners. This will only serve to make the situation worse, since the smell from the air freshener will mix with the bad odor from the carpet. If your carpet produces a bad odor, the best way forward would be to find a definitive cleaning method that will ensure that the problem is completely eliminated. Besides, having to buy air freshener on a regular basis to mask the smell might turn out to be expensive.

Thorough cleaning

Carpet cleaning

If you identify the source of a bad odor to be your carpet, this would be a great time for you to clean it thoroughly. This does not mean that you should simply vacuum it; it would be better to do thorough carpet cleaning instead. This usually means consulting a firm that has specialized in providing these services. They usually use techniques and cleaning agents that will clean the carpet deeply, ensuring that all the dirt and particles are removed. Sometimes, the cleaning can even be done in several cycles to ensure that it’s as thorough as possible. Simply vacuuming the carpet will only get rid of the superficial dirt, so the odor may still linger even if you spend a lot of time going over every inch of the carpet.

Air it in the sun

Airing the carpet can also be used to get rid of some of the odor. This is usually best paired with another measure, such as cleaning the carpet. Airing the carpet in the sun will expose it to radiation which will chemically react with some of the particles releasing the bad odor. As a result, the smell will reduce and you will be more comfortable.

Upgrade your carpet

There are some carpets that are designed to not retain any odors. If this is a problem that you really don’t want to deal with, you could invest in one of them. The only downside is that they happen to be more expensive than regular carpets.

Regular cleaning

Making sure that your carpet is professionally cleaned on a regular basis will reduce the chances of any dirt accumulating on it. It is also a good way to reduce the wear and tear of the carpet, something that you may be keen on if it is expensive or beautiful.

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