How To Remove Tough Carpet Stains Like A Pro

How To Remove Tough Carpet Stains Like A Pro

A great deal of cleaning companies put in tremendous efforts to get rid of as much stain as possible when carrying out residential or commercial carpet cleaning services. For a fact, there are tough carpets stains that may stubbornly refuse to come out even with persistent efforts.

This is usually frustrating to many people especially if they have tried out a number of ways without any significant result. In particular, dried stains (left unattended for weeks or months) seem to be the greatest challenge. Here are three tough stains that you can manage to remove like a pro.

Food stains

Many foods contain grease, which is the major compound that makes stains hard to remove from the carpet. Many food stains involve those caused by baby food, gravy and curry. Food colorings can also give you a nightmare when they end up on the carpet or upholstery.

To get rid of grease, you need to break it down using an effective detergent that does not cause discoloration. Simply rub the detergent on the affected area and leave it for a while. You can then dampen the spot with ammonia before finally rinsing with vinegar. At this point, you can easily clean up the carpet and get rid of the food stain.

Blood and wine stain

Carpet stains

These stains are particularly challenging when they have been left unattended for some time. On the flipside, you can easily clean them off while they are still fresh. When your carpet gets a blood spillage, the blood will turn brown over time as it reacts with oxygen. As for the wine, it possesses dye properties that cause carpet discoloration when it has fully dried.

Therefore, the most effective way of getting rid of these stains is taking a prompt action whenever there is a spillage on your carpet. Cleaning experts will always bring along stain removal products that have been specifically made for oxidized stains. It is advisable not to use DIY products to remove blood and wine stains as they may cause further damage.

Tape residue stain

Tape marks can also cause sticky residue on the carpet. Just like wine and blood stains, tape residues form tough stains if left unattended for quite some time. The worst thing about tape residue stain is that if leaves dark spots on the carpet even after removal. For this case, professional assistance may be necessary to avoid damaging the carpet during stain removal.

To combat stains, there are things that you can do to stay on the safe side. First, avoid using carpets with light colors if you have a child or pet at home. Secondly, always make use of sofa covers to avoid spillage stains during parties.

Do not allow eating, drinking or painting on the carpet because they can easily lead to staining. You can also make use of fabric guards to keep the carpet from getting stains. The fabric works effectively at the earliest stage of application. Therefore, it is a good solution when you are hosting a party at home.

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