Is Your Carpet Shrinking?

Is Your Carpet Shrinking?

You are cleaning your carpet when you have noticed that something is not quite right from the corners. It seems as if the carpet is too small for the space. Well, it is far from any possibility that this can be caused by the fact that your room became bigger because you have not made any renovations for the past few years. What must be the problem? You ask. It is no less than the fact that your carpet is actually shrinking. Learn more about facts related to this scenario.

There are specific types of carpets that are prone to shrinkage

One is a carpet that is made out of wool face fibre with a corresponding jute backing yarn behind it. This type of carpet is made from interweaves of wool fibre and yarn and when the jute backing becomes frequently wet especially after cleaning the carpet, there is a big chance that the carpet will shrink.

Another type of carpet that is prone to shrinkage is the one that has a polypropylene face. Polypropylene, you must note, is not a friend of moisture. When you get your carpet with this type of material wet, chances are the moisture will go to your carpet’s backing which will later on cause the carpet to shrink.

Carpets shrink due to poor cleaning

Shrinked Carpet

You own a carpet cleaning equipment and you make use of that same equipment in order to keep your carpet clean. But what if your use of that equipment actually damages the carpet simply because you are not using the appropriate technique in the process? Then this can be the end of your carpet. It can make your carpet shrink.

Another example of a poor cleaning technique is the fact that you make use of too much water or even cleaning agents. Any one of these two things can definitely cause your carpet to shrink. Never attempt then to use too much water or pre-spray cleaning agents on your carpet if you want to preserve its life.

A shrinking carpet can be avoided

Whilst you think too much of what has happened to your carpet and of all the poor techniques you may have done in the past, there is still hope that a shrinking carpet can be avoided in the future. Next time you buy a carpet, you have to make sure that cleaning is done appropriately with cleaning agents that are safe on the material. This can protect your carpet no matter what type of material was used in its manufacture. If you are cleaning the carpet yourself, your equipment should be best suited to your carpet. Make sure that you employ safe cleaning techniques at all times.

It will also be better if you ask the help of professional carpet cleaners in keeping the carpet clean at all times. Nothing beats the expertise of these professionals when it comes to giving you a carpet that is soft to the feet and is always fragrant to the nostrils. In this regard, we encourage you to hire us and we can guarantee you will never encounter shrinking carpet problems.

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