4 images of carpet repairs and damage

Carpets get the harshest treatment of any furnishing in the home. A good carpet will wear prodigiously well, but good carpets cost dearly, and even the best can be spoiled by staining, singeing, shrinking or tearing. For today’s fitted carpets that can mean the ruin of an entire room’s worth of carpeting; and those blemishes surely can’t be repaired. Well they can be with Spring Fresh carpet repairs services.

Many homeowners are unaware that there is any middle ground between replacing your entire carpeting or rearranging furniture to hide that damaged spot, and just putting up with it! At Spring Fresh Restoration Services we offer an experienced, professional carpet repairing service which can restore your carpet to its former glory and save you thousands of dollars in the process.

Spring Fresh Restoration Services offers a variety of carpet repair and re-stretching services; from re-installation after a flood, repairing burnt or singed areas (irons, cigarettes etc), installation of new thresholds (tack strips), Berber snag removal and much more.

Carpet restretching

when they suffer water damage, or simply the wear and tear of family use, the weave of carpets can become distorted, resulting in wrinkles and other signs of dilapidation. Our restretching service is literally like a facelift for your carpet.

Carpet Stain Removal

At Spring Fresh Restorations we are masters of the dark art of stain removal . It includes a thoroughgoing understanding of stains, what removes them, and the hazards posed by various cleaning agents. see our colour repairs page for more info.

Threshold Installations

Thresholds are the site of some of the harshest challenges to a carpet. When you are extending or remodelling your home, it pays to get the thresholds installed by a carpet expert.

Snag Removal

We even offer a service to deal with those unsightly snags that can occur in Berber carpet used by pets with sharp claws.

Spring Fresh Restoration Services are happy to offer no obligation, free quotes for any carpet repairs that you might need.