Do you have a permanent stain from a pet, spilt bleach or acne medication on your carpet?

Carpet replacement or patching can often be noticable if the patched areas is replaced with an untrafficed piece of carpet.  The carpet used by patching is usually from a cupboard or behind a door or simply left over from when it was originally layed and will almost always show a colour or texture variation.Quite often patching or replacement of carpet is impractical, uneconomical or impossible. Colour repair may be an option for you!

Stains and spots up to a dinner plate in size can be attempted using colour repairing and restoration techniques.

Spring Fresh Colour Repairs & Matching For Your Carpet

Permanent stains weather they are darker or lighter (bleach marks) can be treated with colour matching and restoration techniques.  Colour repair and restoration is a highly skilled and labour intensive service.  Most colour repairs are successful and are usually a cheaper solution to replacement.  This service is invaluable to apartment and home owners, large commercial facilities, hotels, restaurants, building maintenance managers, commercial cleaners, insurance companies, realty companies and retail stores.

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