At Spring Fresh, we believe that commercial carpet cleaning should be done with the same care and attention every time we visit, not just the first time, as carpets in commercial premises present special cleaning challenges. Not only do they suffer exceptional wear, but the business they serve doesn’t want the disruption of having its carpeted areas out of commission for long periods, or the air fouled by inadequately ventilated cleaning agents. That’s why most businesses decide to have scheduled commercial carpet cleaning.

commercial carpet cleaning in office

Spring Fresh Restorations are Perth’s professional carpet cleaners. We’re the preferred cleaner for Perth’s businesses, because we know how to clean carpets well and fast, leaving them pristine and getting them dried and back in use in record time.

Carefully chosen carpet for commercial premises will hide a great deal of dirt. But putting off having them cleaned can be a false economy. Carpets tend to accumulate a burden of grit that with further use acts as an abrasive, shortening the life of your carpet. And carpets tend to absorb anything airborne in the vicinity, providing nutrition for moulds and other allergens.

Scheduled Carpet Cleaning

Spring Fresh Restorations uses a 7 step process which meets AS/NZS 3733:1995. This preserves air quality and assures the removal of contaminants and allergens. It has earned us an enviable reputation for fine workmanship and dependable service.

The process we use is known as steam cleaning, but is more accurately called “hot water extraction”, since using actual steam would damage many fibres used in carpets. The hot water, together with appropriate cleaning agents, is sprayed under high pressure into your carpet, and simultaneously vacuumed up, along with its burden of dislodged and dissolved dirt and grit. A key element in the 7 step process is the drying phase, which returns your carpet, and your office, to use as soon as possible.

Our handy guide to recommended cleaning schedules for commercial carpeting can be downloaded here. And if your office or retail carpet has been damaged, we offer carpet repairs too. Or you can just call us for a no obligation, no charge quote.