Everyone can appreciate the look and feel of leather, and with the proper maintenance you can enjoy fine leather for many years to come.  Unfortunately most people have little knowledge of how to care for leather.  Like any other material leather needs to be cared for, cleaned, and repaired to be kept in good condition. If you live in or around Perth, contact Spring Fresh for superior leather cleaning and leather restoration services

LeatherSuiteAt Spring Fresh Restoration Services we know how to look after leather.  The proper types of products must be used in maintaining your leather to its natural beauty.  Like many things there are an array of products available to clean your leather with and many are only mediocre or do more harm than good.
As the chemicals used in tanning leather, only preserves the material for a certain period of time regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils will keep leather in good condition.  Oils in the leather always dry out eventually even if it is not regularly used.  To keep leather soft and flexible, dirt and grime which have accumulated on the surface must be removed and the oils periodically replaced, usually once a year.