Nothing lets a beautiful tiled surface down like grubby, mouldy grouting. That’s why Spring Fresh Restorations’ ‘Clean and Re-Capture’ tile and grout cleaning system is such an advantage to Perth’s householders and businesses.

Our tile and grout cleaning system uses a high pressure turbo head, with rotating jet arms which pump hot water under high pressure into every crevice and corner to blast the dirt out! Dirt and grime can often accumulate unnoticed, and it’s not until you get them professionally cleaned that you realise how dirty your tiles and grouting really were.

tile and grout cleaning perfection

The problem is that grout is a porous material, and every time you mop the tiled surface the water penetrates the grout, bearing grit and dissolved dirt and contaminants. Sure, the water itself will eventually dry off by evaporation, but it will leave behind a residue of dissolved material and grit which accumulates over time. Our ‘Clean and Re-Capture’ System remobilises this residue and removes it, restoring the grout to its pristine state.

See the difference in your tiles!

It is often not appreciated that as well as the build-up of dirt from years of incomplete cleaning, the residues from many typical cleaning products can themselves accumulate both around and on the tiles, dulling their finish. Again, it’s only when you have a Clean and Recapture service from Spring Fresh Restorations that you see the difference.

We use specially formulated cleaning solutions which are designed to remove built up dirt and grime as well as any residues left from cleaning chemicals.

All dirty water, cleaning agents, soils and grit are completely removed by our powerful vacuum system to a recovery tank in our van leaving your tiles beautifully clean and ready to walk on.

When Spring Fresh Restoration Services cleans and restore your tiles and grout the results will simply amaze you! We love what we do and we love the gratification of seeing our customers happy!