Most people choose a lounge suite by its appearance, but give little consideration to the effects day-to-day use on the way it looks. Luckily for Perth’s householders and businesses, there’s Spring Fresh’s upholstery restoration service to bring your soft furniture back to showroom condition.

At Spring Fresh Restoration Services we are professionally trained in the care of all fabric types, even the delicate ones, so you can depend on us to choose an upholstery cleaning solution that’s both effective and safe for your furniture. Our specially designed upholstery tools enable us to gently clean folds and crevices.

Clean Lounge Suite with fireplace


Superior Furniture Restorations

Upholstered furniture, even when it looks quite clean, tends to harbour soil, bacteria and micro-grit, which can be allergenic. Dust mites can be pathogenic, and provide the bottom of a food chain which sustains larger pests. Periodic cleaning of your upholstered furniture plays a very important part in ridding your home of these threats to the health of your family.

Don’t wait until your furniture looks dirty before you have it cleaned. Many stains and blemishes are most easily removed in the early stages but become increasingly resistant to removal if allowed to set in. The accumulation of grit in the folds and creases of textile and leather furnishings will, over time, abrade your upholstery. A recommended maintenance plan (34k) for your upholstery can be downloaded here for handy reference.

All our upholstery cleaning is conducted to the Australian Standard (AS/NZS 4849.1:2003) which states that “hot water extraction is considered to be the most effective, and gentle to the fabric, of all cleaning systems”. This standard also assures the removal of contaminants and preserves air quality. And it’s why Spring Fresh Restoration Services has earned its well-deserved reputation for service and efficiency.