Top 4 Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Top 4 Types Of Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpets add beauty and character to any room, but are a nightmare in terms of cleaning and maintenance. In order to increase the lifespan of carpets, one needs to pay special attention to its cleanliness. For best result, it is usually recommended to look for professional carpet cleaners in town. Here are some the four basic types of carpet cleaning methods used by homeowners.

Carpet shampoo method

This is one of most popular method for cleaning the carpets. The idea is to create high level of stable foam which acts as a Velcro for dust and soil. After 24 hours, the dried up foam needs to be vacuumed out along with the dirt.

One advantage of the foam is that it adds lubricity to the surface and doesn’t allow the brush bristles to damage carpet fiber. However the foam is not a strong detergent and it dries into a sticky residue which further soils the carpet. Carpets shampoo formula now includes an anti-resoiling agent like resin in their composition.

Absorbent cleaners

Often referred to as dry cleaning, this method removes water from the process of cleaning. For this cleaning method, a cleaning compound (which is dry and contains only small amount of water, detergent and solvent) is worked into the carpet through a machine. The cleaner is mostly organic but can be polymers as well. The compound dislodges and absorbs the dust and soil and then is sucked up through a vacuum cleaner. This cleaning should be followed by very heavy vacuuming as this compound, especially if it is powdery, can contaminate the in-door air. The vacuuming should be done till no traces of powder are found on shoes or cuffs.

Bonnet method

Bonnet cleaning is done through a rotary brush. The brush is adapted with a drive block or dry pads. The pads can be soaked in with the cleaning solution or the solution can be directly sprayed on the carpet. This method is not preferred as it may result in permanent damages to the fiber of the carpet. The spinning bonnet may distort the carpet or leave distinct swirl marks on it. The method also doesn’t result in thorough cleaning as no extraction is done. Due to that, rapid re-soiling, carpet fuzzing and discoloration can follow.

Steam cleaning

carpet cleaning

This is the best method of carpet cleaning and is recommended by all manufacturers of carpet. The deep cleaning that this method offers, removes the soil from deep in the pile and does not leave the cleaning agents in the carpet.

Dirt is forced out of the carpet using a fine spray of water which is then flushed out using a vacuum slot right above the spray into a holding tank. The suction tank usually stays outside the house, and only the hose and floor tools are brought in.

This system is hence preferred over others as the dust, detergents and other contaminating agents are exhausted outside the house hence preserving the indoor air quality. Not to mention that the suction power and motor capacity of a truck mounted system is much more powerful than other handheld portable systems.

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